Access to NHS Health Care for Migrants

A short guide for for people working in frontline charities and advice services, MPs’ caseworkers, volunteers and mental health advocates, 2018

Maternity Action

A series of information sheets which provide a guide to maternity rights and benefits for pregnant women and new mothers according to their immigration status, 2020.

Institute of Community Reporters

Experiences of asylum seekers and refugees in the UK

Health of Migrants in the UK

What do we know? Dr Hiranthi Jayaweera, The Migration Observatory, 2020

Sczepura, A 2005

Access to health care for ethnic minority populations Postgraduate Medical Journal; 81:141–147.

Health Experiences of Chinese people in the UK

Better Health Briefing 10, Race Equality Foundation, 2008.

Primary Concern

Access to GP Practices for Black and Minority Ethnic communities in Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster. A Report by the BME Health Forum June 2008
Inclusion Health: improving primary care for socially excluded people. Department of Health, 2010

Race Equality Foundation

Better Health briefings, tools, links and resources.

Report, resources and recommendations from the Good Practices for Access & Well Being project:

BME Health Forum

BME Health Forum Publications

Migrant Health Guide

Supporting health practitioners who care for migrants (Site archived)

Maternity Action

Information on rights, advice and research


Refugee and asylum health, and health and conflict

Northwest Regional Strategic Migration Partnership

Advice, development and consultation services to organisations in the North West whose work is affected by migration from overseas.

Migration Yorkshire

Advancing Health Equity

Disparities Research for Change

Health Inequalities Assessment Toolkit

Clarifying what aspects of health inequalities and their socio-economic causes influence the problem you plan to address

Doctors of the World UK

Clinic and advocacy programmes in London that provide medical care, information and practical support to excluded people such as destitute migrants

Refugees and asylum seekers

A review from an equality and human rights perspective. Equality and Human Rights Commission Research report 52. Health status and health and social care: access, needs and summary pp 19-35

Global Health Watch 5

Addresses the key challenges facing governments and health practitioners within the context of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (2018).

Franks, Gawn and Bowden, 2007

Barriers to access to mental health services for migrant workers, refugees and asylum seekers. Journal of Public Mental Health, 6(), March 2007, pp.33-41

University of the West of Scotland

Report on the situation of the Roma community in Govanhill, Glasgow. L Poole & K Adamson

Refugee health care

Reading list. The King’s Fund, 2013

Entitlement to healthcare

Migrant Health Guide

NHS entitlements

The NHS Constitution for England

NHS System Oversight Framework 2021/22

Registration and treatment of asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants.

ILPA (Immigration Law Practitioners Association)

Signposting to registered immigration advice. ILPA also provides information about changes to legal aid.

Advice Now

Selection of all the best legal information from a wide range of providers.

Migrants Rights

Sources of advice and support.

Minority Ethnic Health Discussion Forum

Responsive email discussion group that offers direct access to experiences and good practice in minority ethnic health.

Access to Healthcare

A guide for organisations working with people seeking asylum

Building awareness, contacts and signposting

Who holds the information you need?

Including migrant populations in Joint Strategic Needs Assessment: a guide. Rose N, Stirling S, Ricketts A, Chappel D. 2011. See: Appendix 4: Starting contacts (p38).

Advice UK

Key steps to effective signposting and referral 2005.

Making good referrals

Checklist. University of Melbourne counselling service, 2006

Specific improvements

Pathways into and through care

TS4SE videos about how to use the NHS in England.


The NHS - Farsi (Persian)


GPs - Farsi (Persian)

Self Care

Self Care - Farsi (Persian)


Emergency Care

Save the Children

Asian Women, Domestic Violence and Mental Health: A Toolkit for Health Professionals. Section 3: Access to Healthcare: pp 12-15

The “snowy white peaks” of the NHS

Middlesex University: a survey of discrimination in governance and leadership and the potential impact on patient care in London and England.

Beyond the snowy white peaks of the NHS

The Race Equality Action Plan to address the absence of black and minority ethnic staff from senior positions.

Community engagement and partnership working

Building better partnerships

Guidelines for multi agency groups working with asylum seekers and refugees in the East of England. Refugee Council & MENTER, 2005

The Collaboration Primer

Proven strategies, considerations and tools to get you started. HRET Health Research and Educational Trust, 2005

Not another consultation

Making community engagement informal and fun. Involve & Local Government Improvement and Development

TS4SE Guide to Community Engagement and Refugee & Migrant Communities

Community Engagement

The Centre for Ethnicity and Health model. Jane Fountain, Kamlesh Patel, Jez Buffin, 2007.

Migration information monitoring

Ethnic monitoring

Is health equality possible without it? Better Health Briefing paper 21

User views of Monitoring Ethnicity Data

HRET Disparities Toolkit

A toolkit for collecting race, ethnicity, and primary language information for patients

Glasgow’s Learning - Equality Outcomes

E-learning toolkit for service development, planning and trouble shooting, see the specific section on equalities monitoring.

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

From NHS Scotland. Equalities in Health: Race & Ethnicity

Race Forward

Racial equity impact assessment toolkit.

Refugees and asylum seekers

A review from an equality and human rights perspective. Equality and Human Rights Commission Research report 52. Implications for Data Collection pp 120-128 (2010).

Equality Framework for Local Government

Updated to reflect the latest legislation affecting equality (2020).

Undocumented migrants

Chinese Whispers

The true story behind Britain’s hidden army of labour. Hsiao-Hung Pai

BMC Healthcare

Supporting Access to Healthcare for Undocumented Migrants in European Countries (2019).

First Do No Harm

Denying healthcare to people whose asylum claims have failed. Refugee Council, 2006

Refugee Council Report

Refugee Council calls on London Mayor candidates to pledge support for homeless refugees.


Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants, 2011. Preventing Undocumented Pregnant Women and Children from Accessing health Care: fostering health inequalities in Europe.

No Right to Dream

The social and economic lives of young undocumented migrants in Britain. 2009. Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

Positive Action

Destitution support for refused asylum seekers