TS4SE works for change that will improve the lives of refugee and migrants in the United Kingdom.

Our free online training toolkit provides information and practical tips for effective engagement with patients from migrant, refugee and minority communities.

Designed for frontline staff, the toolkit can be easily used by individuals on their own or by teams within a group setting.

The flexible format allows you to choose the modules appropriate for your specific needs and time available.

Interactive modules:                      
1. Understanding Asylum & Migration
2. Working across Cultures
3. Reducing Barriers to Access
4. Communication Skills

Information Pack modules:
5. Health & Wellbeing
6. Safeguarding
7. Roma Communities

Content: Modules include up to 5 learning units, additional information, resources and tools, as well as team training exercises.

Time: Individual learning units take 15 to 30 minutes to complete.

For modules 1-4: Select module, then click on menu bar to choose units or access Help/Guide.

For modules 5-7: Select module, then click on chosen unit to download information pack.

In addition to this training resource we can offer a range of in-service and tailored training packages covering:

  • Health
  • Housing
  • Asylum and refugee awareness
  • Women
  • Children
  • Community development
  • Working with interpreters
  • Working without interpreters

To find out more visit www.ts4se.org.uk.

or contact us on 07939 155 525

or email info@ts4se.org.uk


Improving Access to Health Care for Migrants


This is a flash based training resource with links, resources and tools for the health care worker. It is available to run directly from the website or to order as a CD ROM.

This training is free to use for NHS staff and non-commercial use by other non-profit making organisations.

It cannot be used for commercial purposes or resold.

You are free to use, modify or adapt its content for use in non-commercial health  or social care settings.

If you require CD ROMS there is a small charge for production, packing and admin.

Contact TS4SE at on info@ts4se.org.uk

For training and support, contact training@ts4se.org.uk

Community Support Pages

This page contains health information, resources and links for refugee and migrant communities. Over the coming months, it will be developed and expanded to provide a comprehensive resource supporting migrant health.

If you are a community organisation looking for help or assistance, contact jules@ts4se.org.uk