Cultural Tools

Professional support – all professional organisations have addressed cultural issues relevant to their professional practice, several examples are given below:

Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

College of Occupational Therapists (search facility)

Migrant Health Guide

Advice and guidance on the health needs of migrant patients for healthcare practitioners.

RCN: Professional Development

An excellent resource with information and links useful for all grades and staff groups here.


Members can access a wide data base of materials related to cultural diversity by searching here.


Guide to religious practice and equality. Provides a good practical guide for employers and employees.

Cultural Knowledge Links


Aims to stimulate the exchange of knowledge on migrant and minority health through the development of interactive data bases in each of the participating countries.

BBC Country by Country Profiles

Amnesty International

Human Rights Watch

Up to date reporting on critical situations around the globe.

Religious festivals and cultural holidays – there a wide range of internet based resources available. A selection is listed below:

Interfaith Calendar

Calendar Labs

The Papadopoulus, Tilki and Taylor Model

Free resource. Also available to buy in book form from a wide range of sources.