Training for service providers

If you have a particular course or training outcome in mind, please speak to us about your ideas. In partnership, we can design and deliver a range of courses according to your organisation’s needs, or can tailor the following existing 1⁄2 to 1 day-packages to suit your requirements and resources:

  • Understanding the health and social care needs of Refugees and Migrants
  • Introduction to key skills for working with Refugees and Migrants
  • Communicating through interpreters
  • Working with refugee women
  • Refugees & Migrants: Myths & Realities
  • Communicating without interpreters and reducing barriers to access
  • Community engagement
  • Working with Roma communities

We have also designed a range of short 1 – 1.5hr courses designed for busy staff groups with high service delivery demands that work well as lunchtime or after work learning sessions.

If service demands mean access to training is restricted we can also arrange e-learning packages designed specifically for your service: check out the examples of what we can offer!

Some recent examples of our training partnerships

Oxfam (Cymru)

Oxfam (Cymru) contracted TS4SE to run a set of workshops for service providers in the Health, Housing and Employment/Education sectors. The aim was to equip participants with an awareness of the specific realities, needs and rights of refugee and asylum seeking women in Wales. The training package offered practical activities and outcomes based on a culturally grounded, gender sensitive approach. As well as supporting local women to share their stories, training examples included developing the case for interpreter provision, and using appropriate community engagement models to build trust and share information through networks.


Following the asylum housing contract transition, TS4SE recently trained housing and maintenance staff and managers employed by Serco. The culture and communication training provided a valuable space for the staff of previously distinct organisations to share experiences and develop their awareness and skills, as well as to generate reflection and understanding around the responses of service users to the asylum housing changes.

Sefton Equalities Partnership

For Sefton Equalities Partnership, we developed the International Workers and Migrants Training Project: a CD-ROM based training on six core areas, including Barriers to Access and Health and Social Care needs. Through a ‘training for trainers’ session, we developed the skills and capacity of local trainers in the health, housing, social care and the emergency services to both deliver the package to their staff and access updates, as necessary.