Advice, information and campaigning

Advice Now: information on the rights of asylum seekers and migrant workers in the UK, with good downloadable guides.

Bail for Immigration Detainees (BID): an independent charity that exists to challenge immigration detention in the UK.

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG): Excellent source of information on welfare rights, and guidance on the right to reside, habitual residence and A8

Children’s Legal Centre (CLC): extremely good information on issues relating to asylum seeking and refugee children. Particularly useful for easy-to-read guidance for unaccompanied asylum seeking children.

Equality: Equality is a charity that works to uphold and secure the rights of ethnic minority groups in Britain and Europe.  We primarily help Roma who migrated to the UK from the new EU Member States.

Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit (GMIAU): a not-for-profit legal advice organisation which specialises in advising and representing people in their immigration and asylum cases:

Housing Rights: website developed by hact and CIH to give information on rights to housing for people from abroad:

Immigration Law Practitioner’s Association (ILPA): produces a range of briefings and publications which are extremely accessible to non-specialists.

Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees in the UK (ICAR): an academic research and information organisation situated in the School of Social Sciences at City University. Useful resources and publications on a wide range of refugee

Institute of Race Relations: the IRR news network aims to provide professionals in the voluntary sector, activists, students and interested individuals with a rich and dynamic news and information resource on race and refugee issues in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI): An independent national voluntary organisation, campaigning for justice and combating racism in immigration and asylum law and policy. JCWI provides free advice and casework, training courses, and a range of publications.

Migrant Rights Network (MRN): works for a rights-based approach to migration, with migrants as full partners in developing the policies and procedures which affect life in the UK.

Migrant Workers North West: provides information for migrant workers about employment rights, housing, skills and language training and local support services, and promotes standards for the employment of migrant workers through the promotion of a Charter of Good Practice.

Country information

Amnesty International: the international (rather than UK-based) website for Amnesty International is a good source of information on human rights in many migrant and exile countries of origin.

Foreign and Commonwealth Office: country information compiled by and for the UK government.

Human Rights Watch: a source of reliable information on rights issues around the world, in particular the prestigious annual ‘World Report’, which summarises human rights conditions in more than 90 countries and territories worldwide and is based on extensive investigative work undertaken by Human Rights Watch staff, usually in close partnership with human rights activists in the country in question.

European Country of Origin Information Network ( up-to-date and publicly available country of origin information with a special focus on the needs of asylum lawyers, refugee counsels and persons deciding on claims for asylum and other forms of international protection:

Government / Inter-governmental

International Organization for Migration (IOM): the leading inter-governmental organisation in the field of migration and works closely with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental partners:

Office for National Statistics (ONS): good source of data on migration in general (under its ‘population and migration’ section.

UK Borders Agency (UKBA): government department with responsibility for immigration control in the UK, including granting refugee status and setting policy covering migrant entitlements, obligations and restrictions.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO):website on international migration and multicultural policies.

United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR): UK version of the international website, containing facts, news, statistics, publications, information on research and a lot more.

Migrant support organisations

Asylum Link Merseyside: an organisation dedicated to assisting Asylum Seekers and Refugees and to raising public awareness around Refugee

Boaz Trust: aims, primarily through the Church, to provide accommodation for those who are homeless, and works with the Red Cross, Refugee Action and other groups to set up Destitution Projects providing food and other essentials.

European Council on Refugees and Exiles (ECRE): an umbrella organisation of 76 refugee-assisting agencies in 30 countries working towards fair and humane policies for the treatment of asylum seekers and refugees.

Refugee Access: a website for asylum seekers, refugees and agencies working in Yorkshire, Humberside and the Liverpool area.

Refugee Action: an independent national charity with over 25 years’ experience in the reception, resettlement, development and integration of asylum seekers and

Refugee Council: Childrens Services of this leading UK organisation for refugee and asylum seeker support. Useful guide for asviser and briefing sheets on a range of asylum issues.

Service providers

British Red Cross: Greater Manchester and Merseyside branches provide a range of services to refugees and asylum seekers in the region: the Red Cross also has an International Tracing and Messaging Service which works worldwide to restore and maintain contact between families by conveying messages and helping trace relatives who may have gone missing:

NRPF Network: led by Islington Council, briefings on how to assist people from abroad whose immigration status means that they have no recourse to public

Education and employment

NARIC: the National Agency responsible for providing information and expert opinion on vocational, academic and professional skills and qualifications from over 180 countries worldwide.

Refugee Assessment and Guidance Unit (RAGU): Information and support on rights and access to further and higher education. (London-based).

Working in the UK: the Government’s website containing, information on rights and regulations (e.g. the Worker Registration Scheme), plus downloadable forms and a guide for employers on employing foreign workers. information about visa categories for the UK – detailed info on the Point Based System.


Department of Health Resource pack: for health professionals working with asylum seekers.

Introduction to the NHS: translated in 43 languages and available to download, this Department of Health leaflet explains the NHS to new arrivals from overseas.

Medact: speaks out for countless people across the globe whose health, wellbeing and access to proper health care are severely compromised by the effects of war, poverty and environmental damage; also has a ‘Reaching Out’ project, which aims to improve access to maternity services for highly marginalised Black and minority ethnic women, including refugees, asylum seekers, women with little or no English and women with insecure immigration

Freedom From Torture (formerly the Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture): provides counselling for people who have been affected by the experience of torture, either directly or indirectly.

Medical Justice: facilitates the provision of independent medical advice and independent legal advice and representation to asylum seekers detained in immigration removal centres:

Health Protection Agency: a comprehensive resource offering health professionals a wide range of important and up to date information on supporting migrant patients: